Aaron Mackey hooked a 22.46kg spanish mackeral at the Boyne Tannum HookUp Event on Boyne Island in 2014.
Aaron Mackey hooked a 22.46kg spanish mackeral at the Boyne Tannum HookUp Event on Boyne Island in 2014. Luka Kauzlaric

Fish biting like crazy everywhere in region

IT IS only four weeks until the 20th Anniversary Boyne Tannum HookUp commences where more than $300,000 in cash and prizes will be up for grabs.

I have no doubt that there will be a rush on tickets at the last minute, but my best advice is to either slip into Pat's Tackle World, or down at Darren Box's Boyne Island Bait and tackle, or even go online to http://www.boynetannumhookup.com.au and place your entry.

There are ten boats up for grabs this event including that awesome Haines Signature supplied by Darren Brown at Curtis Coast Marine.

This is an incredible major prize full kitted out with a 150hp 4 stoke Suzuki Outboard and also electronically Garmin have fitted it out.

Annual trip nets some big fish

This week we have seen plenty of big fish being talked about, one of which happened out beyond Fitzroy Reef as the annual reef trip by friends of mine who come up each year from Brisbane to 1770 and slip out to Fitzroy area for a couple of days.

Paul 'Jacko' Jacklin from Tannum Sands, joined his mate Scott Shepherd, and three other boats full of cobbers.

Jacko tells me the fishing was good although not spectacular but he did tell me that he had a pretty sizable fish on the line which was taken by one of the biggest Spanish Mackeral he has ever seen.

This whole region has enormous Spanish Mackeral moving into it so those who do make it out the front for a fish this weekend really should have a speculator drifting out the back of the boat with either a livey on the end or even a pilly with a set of gangs through it.

Make sure that your gear is up to the task though as some of these mackeral are in the mid to high 30 kg range.

Those who did get out last weekend certainly did well with coral trout and sweetlip.

Weekend a good time to hit deep spots

The reds haven't been quite as active as other times but that could all change this weekend with the last quarter of the lunar phase.

Little tides this weekend and plus the last little bit of the moon illuminated should be an excellent recipe for hitting up the deep spots but tomorrow may not be the day to slip out too wide with the 15 knots southerly impacting on the water out wide.

Come Mother's Day on Sunday though, the conditions will improve and you might even be able to sneak out to the reef as the wind drops of later in the morning and into the afternoon.

Inshore things have been very good with some excellent grunter being landed right across the region on the gravel bars.

The water temperature is still holding up but we do expect it to start dropping off over the next week or two which will impact on those chasing barra.

Those chasing flathead will also be rubbing your hands together as the whole region seems to be lousy with them and the best method seems to be the lures hard-body and soft plastics.

Successful family time at 1770

GAPDL CEO Glenn Churchill was down at 1770 with his lad Tim, and he was telling me that Tim was catching fish left right and centre.

After a bit of coaching Glenn was soon onto them as well nailing three flathead with the one soft plastic.

He is now converted! Good onya Glenn and well coached Tim.

Crabbing great at the moment

Crabbing at present is pretty good and for the next month or more it should be excellent as the bucks become more active, turning a nice chocolate brown colour and also filling with meat.

Right up through the harbour including the Calliope, Targinnie, Grahams and the Narrows down through to the Boyne, Wild Cattle, Collo, Mundoolin, 7 Mile and Pancake will be very active.

All you need to know

For the newcomers to the region if you need to know more about barra, or mudcrabs or even fishing this region our local film maker Johnny Mitchell has a series of Videos called Wild Adventures plus a couple of individual dvds one of which is called The Mudcrab.

These are available from most good tackle shops or off his website.

Speaking of Johnny Mitchell its actually the anniversary of his birth today for the 40th time.

A big birthday wish goes out to him from all the fishing community.

This chap has done so much for recreational fishing in this region over past 10 or 15 years with his Awoonga knowledge and now with the offshore side of things as well.

His film making skills have become better and better, and now with the latest drone in his possession, it'll be very interesting to see what comes out of his studio next.

Finally to all the mums out there, I hope you get spoilt on Sunday, and that someone takes you for a fish.