PICKY BUNCH: New research has found many of us will not date someone with bad teeth.
PICKY BUNCH: New research has found many of us will not date someone with bad teeth. iStock

First five minutes can make or break on a date

New research on "date breakers” has revealed Australians are incredibly picky in love, with one in five making up their mind about a prospective partner within the first five minutes of a date.

The survey was carried out by dating site eharmony with relationship expert and psychologist Jacqui Manning saying many people could be sabotaging their chance of finding love.

In Queensland it seems people who are overweight, short or mention their ex too often are off the second date list. Other first date deal breakers for Queenslanders: not having a full-time job (44 per cent), bad breath (65 per cent), no sense of humour (65 per cent), smoking (58 per cent), someone who is rude to waiters (77 per cent) and bad table manners (68 per cent)

According to the research:

Nearly one-quarter (23 per cent) make up their mind within the first few seconds or five minutes of a date

One-quarter admit they stick to dating a certain "type”

40 per cent refuse to date someone overweight

A quarter of Queenslanders are just as guilty when it comes to a man or woman's height

Nearly half of Queenslanders (45 per cent) admit they would not date a prospective partner who did not have a "good body” by their standards

More than two-thirds (67 per cent) consider their potential match's age nearly as important as their sense of humour (81 per cent).

Nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) will not date someone with bad teeth

Queenslanders will pull the plug if their love interest mentions their mum too often (28 per cent), their ex (55 per cent) or brings up sex and other intimate topics (47 per cent) when messaging online or on the first date.

In NSW, daters are more likely to stick to a type (31 per cent), less likely to be concerned about weight (35 per cent) or bad teeth (51 per cent).

So, if you want a second date, see the dentist, practise your manners, don't smoke and keep your mouth shut about subjects that shouldn't be brought up at the dinner table.