PROUD ANGLER: Koopa with his first barra.
PROUD ANGLER: Koopa with his first barra. Rob Birmingham

'Gun fisherman': First barra big step for little guy

FOR eight-year-old Koopa Birmingham, catching his first barramundi has been the highlight of his fledgling hobby.  

His father Rob Birmingham said they used mullet as live bait for the fish caught at Boyne Island.  

"He was lucky enough to snag that," Mr Birmingham said.  

"We didn't measure it but it was in the vicinity of 700mm - (Koopa) loved it."  

Mr Birmingham has high hopes for his son.  

"He's a gun fisherman and he can outfish his dad," he said. "Koopa just goes, and goes, and goes."  

Koopa's achievement didn't stop at one barra, he also managed to catch a couple more and a few jackfish as well.