Fire on QAL site, pictured from near South Trees Road, Gladstone.
Fire on QAL site, pictured from near South Trees Road, Gladstone. Luka Kauzlaric

Gladstone fire now within containment lines, burning slowly

UPDATE 4.40PM: GLADSTONE fire station duty officer Wayne Parry said the Gladstone Fire Department had set up another containment line ahead of Pony Club Rd, and the fire had stalled.

"The fire is within containment lines now, and its burning very slowly," Mr Parry said.

"It's more of a wait and see situation at the moment, but it's contained and it should be okay.

"It's going to be a bit smoky, but there's nothing we can do about that."

He said firies had managed to burn around infrastructure, meaning that it was not at risk.

EARLIER: A FIRE that originated on QAL land early on Monday morning is currently been assisted by local fire fighters near Pony Club Rd after breaking containment lines.

Gladstone fire station duty officer Wayne Parry said it has been a controlled burn but there has been an increase in wind and wind change.

"The fire's got in around crews," he said.

Mr Parry said two separate fire fronts were found on Monday morning and crews were currently there trying to control the fire.

"QAL fire crews, the rural fire service and Gladstone firies are attending," he said.

"We need to be proactive in putting in fire breaks using fire to fight fire.

"To protect structures in the area Gladstone fire fighters are using a range of different tactics - controlled burns, intervention with direct attack and utilising tracks and cleared areas to form fire breaks."

The fire started overnight on the QAL buffer zone, and is thought to have burned about 15 acres of land overnight.

The cause of the blaze still unknown.

Mr Parry urged people to report fires at the earliest time possible.

"The easiest way to control these fires now is to report them at the earliest time so we can control them quicker.

"Call Triple zero (000) don't just assume that someone else has reported it and then we can get crews on the ground."