The Grafton Fire and Rescue crew who travelled down to Conjola Park... and posted a dance video
The Grafton Fire and Rescue crew who travelled down to Conjola Park... and posted a dance video

Meet the firefighters behind heart-warming viral videos

WHEN the Fire and Rescue 306 Grafton deputy captain Chris Rumpf decided to step in front of the camera and shake what his mother gave him, he never expected it to go viral.

But after more than 150,000 views on social media and counting, Mr Rumpf is still shaking his head in disbelief.

After weeks of devastating bushfires, Mr Rumpf came up with an idea to give people something to smile about.

"We'd been on the south coast helping out with the bushfire clean-up and to constantly see people's lives just go up in ash, that can be emotionally draining, so I wanted to perk up the boys and for anyone else who might have needed a laugh," he said.

After learning the easiest dance he could find on popular video-sharing platform Tik Tok, Mr Rumpf stepped in front of the camera and started busting some moves, shaking and bopping along to pop music.

"Chris is a bit of a Tik Tok fan… he said we should get among the trees and raise the spirits of a few people out there," Fire and Rescue 307 South Grafton captain Paul Danvers said.

"Luckily all I did was hold the camera and film them!"

Within hours of being posted online, the videos, one of which include the rest of the crew dressed in hazmat suits, reached over 150,000 likes.

"Chris didn't think it was going to go viral, but now it's out there and his phone hasn't stopped rattling," Mr Danvers said.

Mr Danvers, Mr Rumpf, Matt Pernell from Fire and Rescue Grafton 306 and Mark Korb from Fire and Rescue 510 Yamba flew down to the south coast on Sunday after bushfires devastated Lake Conjola, destroying 117 homes at Conjola Park where the Clarence Valley team were posted.

GALLERY: Grafton Fire and Rescue crew share their experience at Conjola Park:

"We've been doing asbestos containment work at all the houses at Canjola Park and assisting with a specialist hazmat team from Sydney," Mr Danvers said.

"There are a lot of old fibro homes here so we were tasked to spray each site with a glue mix to contain any asbestos until the salvage crews can come in."

Mr Danvers said the devastation left behind was on a much larger scale than the recent fires that swept through the Clarence Valley last year.

"It's just incredible the size of damage; the power is still out at Conjola Park and energy companies are trying to restore it as quickly as possible while emergency crews are still removing fallen trees and cleaning up," he said.

Although surprised by the attention his videos have received, Mr Rumpf said he was thrilled it gave people something to smile about during such a difficult time and would consider making more videos.

"A lot of people have told me I need to move up in the world and learn more dance moves so I'll need to work on that first," he said.