Ashley Geddes.
Ashley Geddes.

Fire season well and truly alight for two volunteers

THE Mount Maurice Rural Fire Brigade has had 14-hour days, been scared by emus and re-dispatched, had its quickest refill, watched permit burns and had one day off in the past 10 days.

Yesterday, first officer Ashley Geddes, 22, and second officer Pete Jackson, 22, patrolled Facing Dr in O'Connell to ensure the fire didn't break the containment lines.

The fire started on Sunday and was contained over night.

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As they patrolled the area the sound of falling trees was a constant reminder of the destruction from the night before.

"That's what we need to watch out for. If the logs fall over the containment lines it could all start over again," Mr Geddes said.

"They did a good job with the fire breaks."

The pair started volunteering for the Rural Fire Service at the age of 16 and now lead their brigade.

"We have around 15 volunteers in our brigade and we are the youngest," Mr Jackson said.

"Lately we have been to fires at Wurdong Heights, Taragoola Rd, in Calliope, Deep Creek on the other side of Calliope and Haddock Dr in Kirkwood."

Mr Geddes said he loved volunteering, but wouldn't risk his life or those in his brigade if people weren't prepared.

"If people don't have proper fire breaks, prepared their house, cleaned their gutters and trimmed their trees we won't be going into their property," he said.

"It makes it impossible to defend. People need to be prepared and have survival plans."

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