Prank call sends firies out to non-existent fire

GLADSTONE and Calliope fire crews were called out to a hoax fire in Calliope this morning.

A call came in at 10.30am about an apparent structural fire.

Both crews used lights and sirens to get to the address.

The Calliope auxiliary crew arrived first and signalled to the Gladstone crew that it was a prank call.

Gladstone acting station officer Brad Rosenblatt said prank calls weren't unheard of, but there weren't too many experienced in Gladstone.

"We will just keep going and work on the information we get," he said.

"It wasn't a house fire so we turned back around to the station and back to work."

The auxiliary crew in Calliope gets paid on an as-needs basis, but the prank call will cost the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service.