The fire at Kirkwood Rd on Monday, October 27.
The fire at Kirkwood Rd on Monday, October 27. Mike Richards

Firies save homes as 'wall of flame' nears

JOHN McCabe-Garthe is only three years old but he knew enough to alert his grandma to a ferocious blaze burning outside their home on Monday.

Homes were saved - but only just - on Kirkwood Rd as Gladstone and rural crews battled the fire.

Karren McCabe said she hoped the fire had not been caused by a fire bug or a careless smoker.

"This time it came really close (to my home). You couldn't breathe properly, it was frightening," she said.

"If it is people starting these fires, I hope they catch them, or even tossing a cigarette out the window.

"It's not premeditated but its illegal. The amount of scrub that's around the place, its pure stupidity at the least."

She said it had been a frightening incident.

"With the velocity of it you just saw a wall of flame coming at you. You don't see that everyday," she said.

The fire started at the bottom of Gail Tobin's property. Ms Tobin credited the work of Gladstone and rural fire crews.

"It come pretty close (to our home). It burnt out most of our property," she said.

Since living at the property for 10 years, this is the fourth fire she had experienced.

"We're always prepared for bush fires here. We try to keep our grass down and flat," she said.

Rural and Gladstone fire crews attended the fire at 12.45pm.

At 3.45pm it was contained and no longer posed a threat to properties.