LITTLE INTEREST: The Rural Fire Brigade
LITTLE INTEREST: The Rural Fire Brigade Brenda Strong

Fire brigade needs help

VOLUNTEER firefighter Dave Kretschmer says it's no good waiting for the storm caused by a lack of volunteers to hit the region.

"We need to try and do something now," Mr Kretschmer said.

"Somehow we need to get people interested and involved."

As the first officer for Benaraby and the deputy group officer of the Port Curtis Rural Fire Group, he sees the struggle for volunteers first-hand.

"In our area there is over 1000 people in the Benaraby, yet in our fire brigade we only have 15-20 members," the firefighter said.

"You would think you could get more but it's one of those things."

Mr Kretschmer, who has been volunteering his time to various organisations for more than 20 years, thinks the issue isn't unique to Gladstone.

"Ask any charity," he said.

"Red Cross, Salvos, getting volunteers to help it very difficult.

"It's a universal thing."