UPDATE: electrical fault causes fire in ceiling

Update 5pm:

A MINOR electrical fault caused the fire that broke out in the ceiling of a Calliope home.

It caused minor damage to the home's office.

At this stage it is believed there is no smoke damage.

Fire investigators are yet to arrive.

Boyne Island and Calliope fire crews attended the scene.



A FIRE has started in the ceiling of a home in Calliope on Archer St.

There are two crews on the scene, with a third on its way.

Meanwhile, there are two other fires burning in the region, however they are not threatening any homes.

Four crews are on the scene of a fire at Lorikeet Ave at New Auckland.

A large volume of smoke will be visible this afternoon and this evening.

Residents are advised to shut windows and doors and those who suffer from respiratory illnesses should keep medications close by.

Motorists are advised to be vigilant and drive to conditions.

A grass fire at Mount Alma is also burning, with two fire crews working to control the blaze.

It poses no threats to any homes.