Fined $1350 for ID stunt

MOST people don't want to look like their parents.

Not Ty Ronald Morrissey.

The 17-year-old tried to use a scanned copy of his father's driver's licence to purchase alcohol at the Tannum Sands Hotel on June 17.

Duty lawyer Brad Krebs said it was "not surprising the licence was immediately identified as a false one" .

Morrissey later ran into trouble with police when he ran out in the middle of the road at 1.30am on June 24. He was trying to flag down a courtesy bus so he and some friends could get a lift.

When police confronted him, he said he didn't have any identification, despite obviously carrying a wallet in his pocket.

He then presented police with a cash card instead of his ID, despite police being able to see it.

He then told police they were "nothing but dogs," and began to act aggressively.

In Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday, Magistrate Russell Warfield said Morrissey had "carried on like an idiot".

He was fined $1350 in total. No conviction was recorded.