Zack Price struggles to hold up this monster jew fish.
Zack Price struggles to hold up this monster jew fish. Contributed

Fine forecast as fish await those that are patient enough

AT LAST - some half decent weather to allow some to venture out into the wild blue yonder this week.

We had reasonable conditions through the day from Sunday through to Wednesday afternoon, which popped up again yesterday and today, but tomorrow looks absolutely awesome, according to the forecast.

It looks as though the wind could drop right out but mainly because there are a few storms passing through the region, so if you are planning on slipping out it's best to keep an eye on which way they are travelling.

The BOM website has the radar image so save the link to your phone and the range on mobile phones these days can reach a long way.

Last weekend the Price family took full advantage of the nice weather and conditions in the harbour to explore various little spots, which they continue to keep to themselves.

The two boys have their own junior crab pots and their own cast nets.

Dylan Price is proud of his big muddie.
Dylan Price is proud of his big muddie.

On Sunday young Dylan managed to not only catch a decent buck but in another pot was a solid threadfin salmon; yes, inside the pot!

With the lads occupied Zack grabbed his bride's rod, and they found a bit of mullet, which had been through a tide or two sitting in a crab pot, cut a cube off it, and tossed over the side on a 2/0 hook, just in case something was cruising through, mainly targeting salmon, but as you can see by the picture he just about bit off more than he could chew!

After doing battle with this monster jew, and possibly the biggest I have ever seen, they managed to nurse it into the boat, but Zack isn't all that big a chap, 60kg wringing wet I'd say, and lifting it up for a quick photo required some thought, and much effort.

They believe it could be over 40kg, hooked in the lip by this tiny 2/0 hook, on a 20lb line, and gear that was never ever designed to catch anything this size.

Shortly after the picture was taken this 20 to 30-year-old (at a guess) fish was released and happily swam off to breed another day.

Trent Hall, like many others, had Christmas and birthday vouchers to use up, and one of his was a decent session with the world-famous fisherman, guide and filmmaker Johnny Mitchell.

He used this up during the past week, with the goal of learning some new techniques, and trying to do some personal bests as far as size and species go.

This fingermark was the second, a PB of 800mm.

The whole day was littered with thrill after thrill, getting smashed by 20 and 30-plus kg black GT's, more than 1m-long queenies, and also managing to lift some decent trout off the bottom.

This region is absolutely lousy with fish at the moment, and those willing to try new things and be a bit patient do get rewarded, or even get the hooks straightened as Trent found out.

Last weekend there was a small comp held up at the dam, which proves the barra in this impoundment at Awoonga Dam are alive and well.

Happy Australia Day folks!

Trent Hall with his PB 800mm Fingermark.
Trent Hall with his PB 800mm Fingermark.