Fine climbers $10,000: SES

CLIMB the wrong mountain, cough up $10,000.

That is the what some SES volunteers want after yet another wayward climber ventured up Mt Beerwah, which has been closed for years. It took rescue crews including SES, police and the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter 20 hours to save her.

The woman, in her early 20s, was a German tourist.

SES group leader Robert Barrie said she and her partner must have opened a gate warning them to go no further.

After tens of thousands of dollars were spent on plucking her from the mountain, Mr Barrie said the maximum fine of $300 was "ridiculous".

"It's pocket money for some people," Mr Barrie said.

"This would have cost up to $30,000 to rescue this woman.

"One police officer was stuck out there for his entire shift."

Another climber was rescued from the Glasshouse Moutains only weeks ago. SES sources said rescue teams were regularly called out.

Mr Barrie said SES stopped short of trying to retrieve the woman because the risks were enormous.

"Our biggest fear was that there was so much loose rock.

"We had to call it off because we also risked loose rock falling on to her and she had no protection."

Air crew officer Scott Reeman said the climber was fine apart from feeling a bit embarrassed and weather beaten.

"We landed nearby, she was assessed medically," Mr Reeman said.

"There were no problems and she was uninjured."

The German misadventurer told the Daily she had been in Australia for a month but declined to give her name.

She said she felt embarrassed by her actions and thankful to those who helped her.

"I definitely want to thank the team. They did an incredible job," she said.

She said she had planned on climbing part of the way to ensure she could come back down.

However, after she reached about 30m, the return journey appeared too perilous.

She said there were a number of signs warning it was "just for experienced climbers" which is why she continued to climb.

However, photographs taken yesterday show she must have passed a number of signs clearly warning of the risks.