Find out who the bookies are tipping to be Mayor

IF THE bookies are to be believed then we may be in for a few upsets after we vote in this Saturday's local government elections.

Straight off the bat, Gladstone's Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett looks set to grab the top job off incumbent Gail Sellers.

Cr Burnett upset Mayor Sellers' apple cart in January when he announced he would run against his former boss - in a move Sellers said "disappointed" her.

And now it seems that disappointment is set to deepen with Cr Burnett sitting as the comfortable $1.60 favorite ahead of Cr Sellers who is paying $2.50.

Matt Burnett, mayoral candidate 2016
Matt Burnett, mayoral candidate 2016

In Bundaberg where former mayor Mal Forman announced his retirement in February, another upset is on the cards.

"Elise Cottam is the best backed for a shock result at odds of $11," said Sportbet's Will Byrne.

Meanwhile in Rockhampton Dominic Doblo is the best backed candidate at $7.00 with punters liking his odds more than those of the heavy favorite, Margaret Strelow who is paying a modest $1.50.

It's a similar story on the Fraser Coast with the bookies betting one way and the punters the other. 

There one single bet has been taken on incumbent Gerard O'Connell who is paying $1.90 as punters pick an upset with Chris Loft at $2.75 and Steven Coleman at $4.50.

Mayoral candidates Chris Loft and Gerard O'Connell.
Mayoral candidates Chris Loft and Gerard O'Connell. Contributed

In Mackay it's one way traffic for Greg Williamson, who is a short $1.25 favorite.

On the Sunshine Coast not one single bet has been taken on any candidate other than Mark Jamieson, who is sitting at a short $1.20.

Just north of the Sunshine Coast, in Noosa Sandy Bolton is the price favorite at $1.60 with Tony Wellington at $2.35.

Even the enticing odds of $5.00 on Jamieson's nearest contender, former MaroochyMayor Alison Barry-Jones, could not convince anyone to put their money down.

Toowoomba's incumbent Mayor Paul Antonio also looks set to be returned, with Sportsbet giving him some of the shortest odds possible - $1.05. 

In Ipswich no surprises are expected and punters only have eyes for Paul Pisasale who's at $1.10 to win.

In other areas Gold Coast incumbent Tom Tate is being tipped to be returned and LNP candidate Graham Quirk is the punters' favorite.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale welcomes the announcement of the Asahi company moving their factory to Redbank Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale welcomes the announcement of the Asahi company moving their factory to Redbank Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams

In the Moreton region incumbent Allan Sutherland is tipped to return and in Gympie Mike Curran is $1.12 favorite.

Mr Byrne said political betting is a growing industry in Australia.

"Political betting  is growing and has been around for a very long time," he said.

"In fact we expect turnover on the federal election and even the US Presidency to eclipse turnover for some of this year's major sporting finals.

"Smaller market such as local council elections however turnover quite less and some councils  are more popular than others."



Brisbane Mayoral Election

$1.30   Graham Quirk

$3.00   Rod Harding

Others quoted


Gold Coast Mayoral Election

$1.12   Tom Tate           

$7.50   Penny Toland

$8.00   Jim Wilson       

Others quoted


Sunshine Coast Mayoral Election

$1.20   Mark Jamieson

$5.00   Alison Barry-Jones    

Others quoted


Toowoomba Council Election

$1.05     Paul Antonio

$11         Dirk Egan

$11         Rob Berry

$21         Jim Mcevoy

$34         Lindy Eisling

$501       William Shakespeare


Ipswich Mayoral Election

$1.10   Paul Pisasale

$7.00   Gary Duffy

$16      Peter Luxton


Cairns Mayoral Election

$1.50   Bob Manning

$2.50   Jim Brooks


Townsville Mayoral Election

$1.50   Jenny Hill

$3.00   Jayne Arlett

Others quoted


Gladstone Mayoral Council

$1.60     Matt Burnett

$2.50     Gail Sellers

$11        Michelle Wagner


Gympie Mayoral Election

$1.12   Mick Curran

$3.00   Derek Hume

$21      George Groth


Noosa Shire Council

$1.60     Sandy Bolton

$2.35     Tony Wellington

$21.00   Ray Kelly


Moreton Regional Council Election

$1.35     Allan Sutherland

$5.00     Jason Woodforth

$7.50     Dean Teasdale

$11.00   Barry Botlon

$21.00   John McNaught

$21.00   Shayne Hogan


Fraser Coast Mayoral Election

$1.90   Gerard O'Connell

$2.75   Chris Loft

$4.50   Steven Coleman

Others quoted


Bundaberg Mayoral Election

$1.10   Jack Dempsey

$10      Peter Wyatt

$11      Elise Cottam

Others quoted


Mackay Mayoral Election

$1.25   Greg Williamson

$4.00   Deirdre Comerford

$16      Mitchell Rays


Rockhampton Mayoral Election

$1.50   Margaret Strelow

$3.50   Michael McMillan

$7.00   Dominic Doblo

Others quoted


Logan Mayoral Election

$1.60   Luke Smith

$2.25   Brett Raguse  

Others quoted