Headbutting fellow pub patron hurts man's travel plan

A CASUAL night at an Irish bar with a few drinks.

Sounds like a treat.

For one couple it just may have been, until Daniel Peter Clarke interrupted proceedings.

Clarke pleaded guilty in writing in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to one count of being drunk or disorderly in licensed premises, after an incident on May 3 at Dicey's.

The court heard at about 10.35pm on the night in question, Clarke had been drinking with friends, before approaching a couple.

After a brief conversation with the female, Clarke headbutted her boyfriend.

The woman tried to intervene, hurting her fingernails in the process.

Despite the mindless attack, Clarke requested no conviction be recorded against him as he planned to travel to the USA in just over a month, as he acknowledged in his written plea to having had too much to drink.

Magistrate Russell Warfield had other ideas, opting to record a conviction against Clarke as well as impose a hefty fine on him for the senseless act.

Clarke was fined $750 for the offence, as well as receiving a six-month banning order from Dicey's, The Reef Hotel, MIe Place nightclub and Central Lane Hotel.