This face-off quickly became a dance-off.
This face-off quickly became a dance-off.

UFC boss blown away as face-off becomes a dance battle

UFC PRESIDENT Dana White was left speechless after two of the sport's biggest name ended their face-off on Saturday with a bizarre dance-off.

UFC 248 is four weeks away, and the main card middleweight fight between undefeated Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero is set to light up T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Although the MMA fighters were eager to set the tone during their face-off, the two spontaneously erupted in a cheeky dance.

Romero unconvincingly executed a backflip, ending up in the splits, while Adesanya's shuffle resembled a samba, followed by a Michael Jackson hip thrust, with added crotch grab.

Meanwhile, White awkwardly stood between them, unsure how to react.

"Never been part of a staredown like this," White posted to Twitter.



Earlier in the press conference, a journalist asked Adesanya about the prospect of facing American fighter Jon Jones in the future. The New Zealander's response was blunt and to the point.

"F*** Jon Jones, this is about 248," Adesanya proclaimed.

"Enough of that motherf***** ... f*** that c***, we're done with him. Next question."

Adesanya is the current UFC Middleweight Champion, undefeated after 18 professional MMA fights, 14 by knockout.

UFC 248 takes place Sunday, March 8th in Las Vegas.


Unknown MMA fighter Abrobek Madaminbekov made his debut at the Dubai Probellum on Saturday, and stunned audiences with an absurd knock out.

The bout had entered the second round at The Rotunda in Dubai, when Madaminbekov's straight right jab sent opponent Shady Taimu to the floor.

The 57kg flyweight from Uzbekistan has proven his worth, and could be a future MMA star if Saturday's KO is anything to go by.

Former fighter Tam Khan manages Madaminbekov, and had nothing but praise for the debutant.

"Huge KO from my fighter Abrorbek tonight in Dubai! Made his Pro debut in great style. So proud of him. Watch this space. This kid is going to the top" he tweeted.