Female teacher’s ‘sex acts’ with student

A FEMALE high school teacher allegedly bought beers and engaged in a variety of sex acts with a willing male teenage student on trips to waterfalls and the beach.

The north Queensland state school teacher, aged in her 30s, has been suspended from teaching duties, and is due to stand trial in Townsville District Court mid next year.

Judge Gregory Lynham dismissed an application by her lawyers last Friday for a permanent stay of prosecution on a five-count indictment relating to her purported sexual relationship with the boy who was then aged 16 and 17.

In his judgment, Judge Lynham said it was clear the male student was a more-than-willing participant and the sex was consensual.

But there was also evidence the teacher took advantage of the boy for her own sexual gratification, he said.

Judge Lynham cited a statement by the teen student about how the sexual liaisons allegedly came about between March 9 and March 31 in 2016.

The female teacher allegedly asked the boy if he would ever sleep with or have sex with a teacher.

Later that night she messaged him on Instagram asking him if he wanted to do "something fun".

The next night she bought a six-pack of beer, picked him up from home and drove him to a swimming hole, and they engaged in a number of sexual acts including sexual intercourse, it is alleged.

The boy, in his statement, told how they were sitting in the back of her car talking when things got heated.

"I just started touching her leg,'' he said.

"And then we ended up kissing and ah it moved on to sex, penis-in-vagina and all the other stuff, head jobs, pretty much everything."

He also described how he attempted to perform oral sex and she said, "No I'd rather… we just have sex," and that he then pulled her pants off.

She told him not to tell anyone, and reinforced that in a text message after she dropped him home.

A week or two later she bought him a six-pack of beers and packet of cigarettes and drove to a beach.

They were sitting on a rug on the beach and started kissing, and both got undressed, the student said.

But because it was sandy they went back to her car and continued engaging in foreplay.

They both walked back to the beach and had sexual intercourse in the water, he said.

On the third occasion, at a waterfall, it was "the same sort of thing in the back of her car, started off with kissing like talking and kissing and that and then moved onto sex the same as before, ah head jobs from that yeah, yep third time".

In April 2016 the woman was suspended from teaching duties for inappropriately interacting with students, after the alleged behaviour came to the attention of the school.

Judge Lynham found the former teacher had a case to answer on whether she enticed or recruited the student to have sex, and the alleged sexual exploitation of a person who was not an adult.