Felon's first-class flight home

THE detention centre escapee arrested in Byron Bay last month and deported to Belgium to face sex, drugs and weapons charges will be billed the $550,000 for his flight home.

A spokesperson for the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship confirmed that 33-year-old Christophe Michel Munster was deported last month on a luxury charted jet after it was alleged that nine commercial airlines, including Qantas, refused to carry the violent escapee.

“A charter flight was arranged for his removal (but) the costs have not yet been finalised,” the spokesperson said. “Mr Munster will be accountable for the cost of his removal.”

The spokesperson would not comment on the likelihood of seeing the money, nor the incentive for Munster to pay up.

“I can't speculate on that other than to say Mr Munster will be unable to return to Australian unless he makes arrangements to pay back any outstanding debt.”

The spokesperson was also unable to comment on whether an air force transport plane would have been more appropriate than a luxury jet with five-star service and gourmet meals.

The department said on Monday that no cost was too great when it came to border security and community safety.

Munster was on the run in Australia for almost six months after he escaped from Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre last November.

He was recaptured by Byron Bay police in a van park last month with a quantity of cannabis and large amount of cash after allegedly photographing women in the showers.

A charter industry insider confirmed the cost yesterday explaining that an urgent charter flight to Brussels would cost about $12,000 an hour for the 46-hour return flight of the 12-seater Gulfstream G4 jet Munster was flown out on.

“A relief crew would also have to be positioned in Bangkok,” he said.