Court rules claims of AFP drug conspiracy are "baseless"

THE Court of Appeal has labelled conspiracy allegations from a Sunshine Coast father caught trafficking $1 million worth of amphetamines from the Netherlands as "baseless".

Justice Robert Gotterson, in a judgment handed down on Friday, said David Alexander Wright had embellished his submissions about continuity issues to allege Australian Federal Police officers had set-up he and his son Craig Anthony Wright when they switched the drugs for a controlled delivery to Sunshine Beach.

He dismissed Wright's appeal against conviction.

Customs officers intercepted a mail package in Sydney in 2007 which had 987g of amphetamines in a mail.

After a listening device was inserted into the wrapped package, police watched its delivery at Sunshine Beach and then saw Wright and his son collect it for transport back to Buderim.

Wright argued a judge had erred in ruling his record of interview was admissible and in allowing evidence obtained when police executed a warrant at his Buderim home where they found the substituted package.

Wright was jailed for three and a half years. His son Craig has been granted a re-trial from the High Court but for reasons to do with the trial process, not the strength of the evidence or its admissibility.

Both were charged with aiding the importation and attempting to possess 1kg of the drug.