Fed-up magistrate sounds warning against violence

A FED-UP magistrate represented a fed-up community in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday when sentencing yet another young man guilty of an act of drunken violence in the CBD.

Chase James Cullen pleaded guilty to one charge of public nuisance, relating to an incident in the early hours of February 2, on the corner of Goondoon St and Lord St.

Police Prosecutor Emma Bonnyman told the court officers patrolling the CBD about 3.20am witnessed two people fighting at the intersection.

Upon closer inspection, police saw Cullen, who appeared highly intoxicated, throwing punches at another man.

The officers then arrested Cullen.

Cullen told the court the trouble had started while both men were waiting for a taxi, and that he did not know who the man was he had been throwing punches at.

Magistrate Russell Warfield sounded a warning to Cullen, and other members of the community, during his sentencing. He said the local community was well and truly tired of this type of behaviour.

"One of these days somebody's going to get seriously injured as a result of this type of behaviour," Mr Warfield said.

Cullen avoided a conviction being recorded against him, but was fined $750 for the offence and was banned from The Reef Hotel and Central Lane Hotel for a period of six months.