Fears for safety of children prompts new footpath demand

DEPUTY MAYOR Kahn Goodluck will forward on any potential plans of a safe walking track in suburban Gladstone following a resident’s online complaint.

Mother of two Kathryn Bryce said she wondered what needed to be done for a safe footpath to be installed which linked Little Creek and Vantage estates to where the footpath ends at Carinya Drive.

“So many school aged (primary and secondary) students walk from those estates to Clinton, St John’s and other schools in the area, yet there is no safe path for them to use,” she said.

“I have seen so many injuries on children who have fallen trying to ride or walk along the road, especially the winding section between the roundabout and Carinya Drive where the guard rails are.”

“Surely something can be done to provide safe access for these kids.”

Majority of respondents agreed with Ms Bryce’s statement and added their own personal anecdotes as to why more walking paths around town are a good idea.

“I ride my daughter to school occasionally from Peter Corones Drive and it’s madness getting across Kirkwood Road safely,” Renee Thurgood Swan said.

“About time the council do something, I can never imagine letting my son walk either way for a very long time,” Kristy Anne Baker said.

“When my daughter went to state high she used to have to walk along Harvey’s Road just to get to the bus so at least now that comes into the estate.”

“I can’t see why it could not be developed to go under the bridge near current path on Little Creek side and have thought this was a logical plan for a long time,” Sharron Ellen said.

“Sure, in floods it wouldn’t work but how often is that? Even Police Creek is closed sometimes.”

Cr Goodluck said if Ms Bryce would like to send him an email he would forward it onto council’s teams to look at in future works plans.

“Thank you for taking a proactive step to identify improvements that can be made to our community infrastructure,” he said.