Missing kayaker found dead after large-scale search

A KAYAKER who went missing in Moreton Bay on Wednesday has been found dead following a search involving more than a dozen rescue vessels.

Fourteen water police and volunteer rescue vessels searched the waters off Peel Island through the night for a 21-year-old man who became separated from a group of friends while kayaking from Peel Island to Stradbroke Island yesterday afternoon.

He was located deceased this morning at 7.15am, police have confirmed.

The group of seven had previously kayaked from Stradbroke Island to Peel Island and were returning at around 4pm.

However, worsening weather - including rain, harsh winds and currents - caused them to become separated at 5pm.

In the failing light, one of the group contacted authorities, and water police launched a search mission at around 5.20pm.

Two kayaks with four people were found at around 6.30pm near rainbow passage.

A third kayak with two more people was located at Amity Bank around 9pm.

The harsh weather precluded an air search, but police vessels continued their hunt through the night.