$288k playground injury claim: Girl suffered facial injuries

A FATHER who claims his daughter faces years of expensive dental work as a result of being injured on a school playground flying fox is suing the State for almost $288,000.

Paul Voss claims his daughter, then eight, was using a flying fox in the playground of Stanthorpe State School in August, 2016, when she was pushed along by another child.

The flying fox hit a stopper at the end of a pipe, the girl lost her grip and fell face down, hitting the edge of a platform.

Six days before his daughter was injured, the school's master teacher, John Sattler, had told teachers that students were not allowed to push each other on the flying fox, the claim says.

The teachers were allegedly told as a result of an earlier injury, the school had stopped students from pushing each other along the flying fox.

They were told to reinforce the rule with students in class and during playground duty, the claim says.

Mr Voss claims more than two years earlier, the possible risk of severe head injury from someone pushing students on the flying fox had been raised in a workplace health and safety meeting.

A warning was supposed to have been organised for the front of the playground duty folder, to address the risk, he claims.

Mr Voss's daughter suffered severe facial and dental injuries, including severely intruded teeth, and had to attend hospitals, dentists and specialist physicians.

The claim says the girl, now 11, will have to have extensive dental treatment over the course of her life, at an estimated cost of $100,000 or more.

The school failed to adequately tell all students that they were not allowed to push each other along the flying fox, it is alleged.

The claim also says there was a lack of supervision of students using the flying fox and the playground.

The school should have had warning signs on the flying fox and covered the metal platforms at the ends with shock-absorbing material.

Students should have been warned not to touch each other while using the flying fox, the claim says.

The Stanthorpe father is suing the State of Queensland, on behalf of his daughter, claiming $287,250 in personal injury damages.