Father's Day celebrated in many ways


WEDNESDAY, with Jenny Grother

THE first Sunday in September, just after spring has sprung, is traditionally recognised as the day on which we pay homage to our fathers.

When were children, mum and dad did not put a great deal of emphasis on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

We lived quite isolated from the commercialism that smothers these celebrations.

We didn't have television and radio was restricted to the Country Hour and Seven-to-Seven News.

The North Queensland Register and the Queensland Country Life came on the weekly mail.

I can remember reading (or hearing) that to give one's parents breakfast in bed on Mother's Day or Father's Day was a good thing to do.

Unfortunately our parents were early risers and staying in bed for any extra time held no interest for them.

There was a cow to be milked and horses and pigs to be fed, milk to be separated and dogs to be let off the chains.

When we visited Las Vegas in 1974 while on a trip to America to inspect horses no one would have been surprised to see the early-rising Fraser family turn up to breakfast at the famous MGM Casino.

Breakfast before 6am is free. I think it was provided free for gamblers who had spent the night contributing to the profit of the establishment.

But it did not say that, so we did!

In the past week, as children prepared a range of gifts for their dads, it was interesting to hear their thoughts on their fathers.

Many children have two dads. "My real dad and the one I've got” was one description given.

I encouraged children to make something for each person, even though one little lad confessed to me that he did not know where his "real” father was.

My advice was: "Make something for him anyway.

"Then you know that you have done it.

"You have remembered him and that is what counts.”