A man cut himself in front of his family before his arrest.
A man cut himself in front of his family before his arrest. istock

Father bleeds onto child after cutting himself before arrest

A FATHER-OF-THREE bled onto his child after publicly cutting himself with a knife in front of his family before he was finally placed into custody on a series of horrific domestic violence incidents.

The man, who can't be named to protect the identity of his victims, subjected his partner of five years to a torrent of abuse including sending sexual photos of her to her friends.

He pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to six counts of breaching a domestic violence order and one count of extortion.

The court heard he was convicted in Caloundra Magistrates Court in May last year for repeatedly hitting her in the face with a pillow while she was 36 weeks pregnant which left her with a swollen face and bleeding to her mouth.

A few weeks later, he began his latest campaign of terror against the mother of his children across the Gympie region until he was remanded in custody in July.

He repeatedly contacted her and threatened to kill himself, even calling her while she was at the police station reporting the abuse.

Soon after he sent sexual photographs of her to three of her friends and threatened to publish 125 images to Facebook if she didn't contact him, giving rise to the extortion charge.

The most shocking offence occurred on July 12 when the woman was walking down the street with her children and saw him.

She tried to avoid him, but their son yelled out, 'Daddy'.

The man picked up the child and started walking away, refusing to give him back.

He then said, 'Do you want me to do it?' before putting his son down, taking out a knife and cutting his arm which caused blood to drip on the child.

Two days later, the man emerged from the bushes at her new home, but left when she began to film him.

He was arrested and has served 248 days in pre-sentence custody.

The court heard the children were in foster care waiting to be moved to the home of the victim's mother.

Judge Gary Long ordered the man to a head sentence of two years' and three months imprisonment with parole release on June 14.

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