Father and son jailed for ‘vile’ drug trafficking ring


A FATHER and son have been sentenced to jail after running a "vile" and "cynical" drug trafficking ring between Cairns and Sydney because they were attracted to an "easy money mindset".

Wieslaw and Bryan Stasiak, 69 and 38 respectively, appeared in Cairns Supreme Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to one count each of unlawfully trafficking the dangerous drug ice.

The court heard that Gold Coast-based Bryan was the brains of the operation while his Sydney-based father was the "principal transporter and collector".

The duo sourced the drug from an unknown source in Sydney then supplied the amounts to Far North Queensland men Jon Robert King and Nicholas Dylan Wighton between February 2016 and September 2017.

Wieslaw Stasiak is the father in a father-and-son drug operation that covered Cairns and Sydney.
Wieslaw Stasiak is the father in a father-and-son drug operation that covered Cairns and Sydney.


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King and Wighton last year were each sentenced to nine years' jail.

The Stasiaks mostly flew into Cairns but also brought the drugs up via road on occasions.

To avoid detection, they brought up no more than 500 grams each time and sold it for about $6500 per 30g.

The court heard that while Bryan had used illicit drugs, it was the lure of an "easy-money mindset" rather than addiction that lured him into starting the venture.

Their operation came to light when authorities' surveillance and detection of their phones in June found the trafficking wasalready in "full swing".

After arrests were made, Bryan had an unexplained income of $513,000 while Wieslaw had $15,000.

The court also heard that the older of the pair was sentenced in Argentina previously for smuggling drugs into the countryand that the punishment did not deter him.

Bryan, who had a promising demolition business before he got involved in the prohibited drugs scene, had a psychological reporttendered that stated his mental state was fragile, which caused him to offend at the scale he did.

In sentencing, Justice Jim Henry rejected Bryan's psychological claims and blasted the men, saying it was "unquestionablycynical commercial offending".

"Why you chose to target the Cairns community for your vile business is not mentioned, but there is no suggestion either of you have some innocent connection with Cairns," Justice Henry said.

"It is a grave crime with serious consequences for our community.

"It is impossible to quantify the overall total of drugs and money. Indeed it is obvious aspects of your illicit activitiesremain unknown."

The judge also said he did not find Bryan to be remorseful and that Wieslaw was a poor role model for his son.

Bryan, who had already served 691 days pre-sentence, was sentenced to 11 years and four months' jail.

His father had served 1057 days pre-sentence custody and was given a term of 9.5 years.

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