Fat chance school ban will stop junk-food addicts

WILL restricting our kids' access to junk food also restrict those fast-expanding waistlines?

Fat chance!

No, not that it won't work.

Countless health studies say it's easy access to fatty, sugary snacks - and visibility of those colourful wrappers - that clearly drives the diabetes epidemic.

Fat chance of cutting them from our schools.

The conversation about obesity - and the bad eating habits that start in childhood - has been going back and forth for more than two decades.

While the occasional school steps up to kick the habit, the majority recognise the super-sized reality - it's the easy option for kids who don't bring their own lunch from home.

More than that, it's often what they eat at home that's the issue anyway.

If our addiction to sugar and fat is starting earlier then primary school, it needs to be arrested earlier, too.

If schools are to shift, it needs to be driven by parents - and parents need to set the example.