Andy Ruiz Jnr is the heavyweight champion of the world.
Andy Ruiz Jnr is the heavyweight champion of the world.

Fat champ Andy Ruiz Jr reveals dramatic weight loss

ANDY Ruiz Jr has warned Anthony Joshua he will be "lighter, faster and more powerful" for their rematch on December 7 in Saudi Arabia.

The Mexican was billed as a no-hoper when he came in at short notice - and weighing more than 122kg - to challenge AJ for his world titles in June.

But Ruiz Jr delivered one of boxing's biggest shocks to floor Joshua three times on the way to a seventh-round KO triumph.

He weighed in for that fight 10kg heavier than Joshua, despite also giving away a 10cm height advantage to the toppled champion.

Now the two will get it on all over again in the desert - and Ruiz is promising an even tougher night for the Brit, The Sun reports.

Speaking to ESPN Deportes, Ruiz said: "I have a lot of respect for Anthony - outside the ring he is a very good man.

"But inside (the ring) there are no friends, there is no respect or anything.

"It will not be an easy fight. I think it will be a hard fight, but nothing is easy in life, so we are training very hard. We will be prepared for whatever he bring.

"I will arrive in better condition ... lighter, faster and more powerful.

"They will believe that in December they will win.

Andy Ruiz Jr has trimmed down for the re-match.
Andy Ruiz Jr has trimmed down for the re-match.

"People will always talk like this, but I have faith that we're going to win and shut up more mouths."

Fans were convinced last month the WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight world champ had put on more weight during a training session out in Diriyah.

But recent clips and photos from his camp show a leaner and meaner looking Mexican.

And he has also revealed he has swapped his snack of choice, Snickers, for healthier options such as fruit and nuts.

Joshua has also promised to showcase a different physique for his big night out in the Middle East.

And his fans were already purring at his trimmed-down new look after he showed it off during a workout in Saudi.

One said: "Joshua looks a lot better now he's shedded the weight. Like he just wanted to pose for Instagram before."

A fellow user wrote: "Yes AJ. The 2014/15 lean, mean, hook-wielding, uppercut-throwing machine is back by the looks of things."

Another commented: "Anthony Joshua cutting plenty of weight for his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr is absolutely what's needed."

A fellow user posted: "AJ appears to have lost some muscle mass which is great, he was better when not as big."

Another comment read: "AJ was way too heavy for the first fight. This time he's already shaved all that muscle off. Light work this time, he's going to ruin Ruiz."

One wrote: "Anthony Joshua has lost a lot of muscle mass, which he needed to do."

In reply to a photo Joshua posted, another fan said: "Brother looking lean... muscles disappearing. Thank goodness."

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