Owners of Love & Labelz, sisters Nicole Vella and Renee Fisher, in traditional black and white for Derby Day.
Owners of Love & Labelz, sisters Nicole Vella and Renee Fisher, in traditional black and white for Derby Day. Contributed

Fashion-savvy sisters soar

FASHION lovers and sisters Renee Fisher and Nicole Vella turned their passion into a business 12 months ago.

Since then, the Mackay women have gained a loyal customer base and have expanded their collection of designer dresses to meet the needs of the community.

Love & Labelz started when Ms Vella and Ms Fisher both realised their wardrobes full of designer clothes could be put to better use.

"I had so many dresses that I would only wear once, and Renee and I always wanted to do something together," Ms Vella said.

"It all happened very quickly, and I think we launched at the right time.

"It was just coming into the Christmas and party season so we had a lot of interest in our clothes right form the start."

The two have a huge collection of designer outfits which they hire to women looking for that perfect dress for an event or special occasion.

"We hire out dresses worth hundreds of dollars for an affordable price which is perfect for girls who are looking for an outfit just for the night," Ms Fisher said.

"Our customers range from age 18 to 40 and we try and cater for the styles that our customers want.

"I think just having that service where people can actually try on the clothing locally makes a difference.

"We do post a lot of our dresses to girls in other regions though."

The sisters grew up in Mackay and both attended Holy Spirit College.

Fashion has always been a hobby for the girls and owning a business together was always a goal.

"It's amazing that we can run a business together because we have always been so close," Ms Fisher said.

The only challenge the women have faced is ensuring they cater for every style and size their customers want.

"We really want to provide the best service we can," Ms Vella said.

"Our aim is to cater for all different tastes and sizes and shopping for new items for our collection is the fun part."

Ms Fisher and Ms Vella both juggle the business with a busy lifestyle but agree Love & Labelz doesn't feel like work.

"It's not all about money making, it's about a passion and enjoying the business," Ms Fisher said.

Ms Vella said the ultimate goal would be to turn their passion into a successful, full-time business.

"There are some big designer hire companies in Brisbane and they have a massive turnover," Ms Vella said.

"We strive to continue to grow our business because we love meeting new girls and expanding our collection."

Ms Fisher said her favourite dress from their collection was the Eliya the Label two-piece set. Ms Vella couldn't go past the classic Nookie Boulevard halter dress.

"We have about 15 Nookie dresses in all different colours and sizes," Ms Vella said.

"They suit everybody and any occasion and they were the dresses that first gave us the idea to launch Love & Labelz."