FOR the past decade the latest in touchscreen smartphone gadgetry has been the ultimate fashion accessory, taking pride of place on every restaurant table and office workstation. 

The latest, size, model and camera resolution has become as much a talking point as any designer label.

Upgrading to the latest portable tech has become as much about remaining on trend as it is about the internal processing power.

Fashion Content Creator Nadia Fairfax described it as "almost like a Diamond ring, you want to show it off, to show that you have the latest one".

In reviewing the latest generation of Galaxy S phones released today by Samsung, Nadia enthused: "we have just had a glimpse of the new Galaxy colour range, and they are gorgeous.

"The new pearl colours are really iridescent, you will definitely be able to tell they are the S10."

Nadia Fairfax, Instagram Content Creator, with the Samsung Galaxy S10. (@Nadiafairfax)
Nadia Fairfax, Instagram Content Creator, with the Samsung Galaxy S10. (@Nadiafairfax)

Increasingly, device features are also adding to their fashion appeal.

"Phones are more and more about being social, so shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens is life changing for me.

"The Wireless PowerSharing feature could also be really interesting, socially. It could become like a man pulling out a hanky for a woman, you could connect with anyone now as a generous act, low on battery, I could help you with that."


Today's release of the latest Galaxy S10 range was quickly trumped by Samsung's own announcement of an entirely new category of enviable device: The foldable phone.

Introducing Galaxy Fold. The sleek 7.3 inch, 1.7cm thick, 12 GB of RAM, UHD 4K video capturing pocket buster will surely soon have us all looking at our old-school two-dimensional phones with same way we do the Nokia 6010.

"Imaging just sitting there on the bus and pulling it out, it's going to get a lot of attention.''

Galaxy Fold unveiled at Samsung Unpacked: Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Fold at its major Unpacked launch in San Francisco.
Galaxy Fold unveiled at Samsung Unpacked: Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Fold at its major Unpacked launch in San Francisco.


 DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung, believes the Galaxy Fold will be a winner.

"We created Galaxy Fold for those who want to experience what a premium foldable device can do, beyond the limitations of a traditional smartphone."

The new look foldable phone first presents with a slick cover screen.

The fully functional 4.6-inch touchscreen takes up the majority of the front of the closed device, in total making the overall length and width comparable to most current smartphones, while bulking out to be a full 17mm thick. 

The Infinity Flex screen unfolds to reveal Samsung's largest-ever smartphone display.

At 7.3 inches it means no more squinting over emails at the bus stop. 

12 GB of RAM allows the handheld unit to run three applications simultaneously.

The social friendly camera array has also been beefed up.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 range.
The Samsung Galaxy S10 range.


The device will carry a total of six cameras.

There are three rear facing cameras, powering the telephoto, wide and eye watering, 123-degree Ultra-wide-angle modes.

There is one forward facing selfie snapping camera built into the cover, with two additional forward-facing internal cameras, designed for video calling when the device is open.

The combination of the slick product design and on-board features all add to the device's social cred.

"You could be watching video, while scrolling Instagram and twitter all at once, which is great for reading and commenting on what is going on, all the same time." Nadia said.

So, no matter how new and shiny they are, it sounds like our flat screen smart phones may soon lose their fashionable seat at the table.

The Galaxy Fold is set for an international release date, including Australia early to mid-2019. Pricing has not yet been announced.

The writer was a guest of Samsung Australia for the launch of the S10 range.