P&O cruise ship Pacific Eden.
P&O cruise ship Pacific Eden. Contributed

FAREWELL: Pacific Eden cruise sets sail for new adventure

TOMORROW will mark the Pacific Eden's last visit to Gladstone as well as the first cruise to visit the city this year.

The 1994 cruise liner is part of Carnival Australia's brand P&O Cruises and made its first call to Gladstone in December 2016.

A Carnival Australia spokesman said Gladstone would continue to be an attractive destination due to its location near the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

"P&O Cruises will farewell Pacific Eden this year as part of an exciting transformation of its fleet, which will see the introduction of Pacific Adventure next year and the addition of a second Grand Class ship in 2021,” the spokesman said.

"It's always sad to farewell a much-loved ship such as Pacific Eden but this is tempered by the knowledge that it's part of an ambitious fleet renewal.”

The ship's final voyage is expected to depart in March before it is transferred to a new operator in April.

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited chief executive Darryl Branthwaite said its discontinuation would be felt "up and down the coast and right around the whole of Australia”.

However, Mr Branthwaite said there was no cause for alarm as the P&O fleet's larger Pacific Explorer would keep visiting, along with various other ships from Carnival Australia brands.

The Pacific Eden will be docked at the Auckland Point terminal from 8am-6pm tomorrow with up to 1226 passengers and 560 crew on board.