Family time is the most precious of all even when busy

AS USUAL the last week has been quite a busy one in this little radio station.

I mean, from interviewing the likes of model and Jeans for Genes ambassador Rachael Finch, to getting Mother's Day organised over at Quoin Island, to chatting to country music superstar Adam Harvey, I can honestly say that it's been busy and entertaining all at the same time.

Sure it's fun talking to these people on the radio show and meeting others in my daily life, for which I am blessed, but I must say the true highlight of the week was from my daughter, and it came in some very bright colours!

My daughter, who has recently turned 10, this week made me a couple of fantastic rubber band bracelets.

Apparently these coloured bands are all the rage at the moment and my daughter has jumped on board and is having a blast.

When I came to see my two children on Friday she came bursting out of the house with a present for me, which was a black and yellow key ring band that had to be put on my keys there and then.

The other present was a bracelet made up of red, white and blue colours that I had to wear then and there, and to tell the truth I haven't taken it off since.

Having these little gifts makes visits to the kids so special.

Sure we have time to eat unhealthy food like fish and chips and a few cakes, but all in all the time we spend together is the most precious.

Over the weekend I got to play a horse for my daughter's dolls and she took pictures of it.

We got to feed the ducks with four loaves of bread, which was amazing.

We fed more turtles than we did ducks but I guess it's all good.

We got to drive an hour to the zoo and find out it closed two years ago.

We hit the library and read books, played computer games and ate chewie (something their mother doesn't allow!).

The other thing we did that blew me away was talk to each other.

We told stories, we shared school topics and events, I learnt how to skip, I found out what books both my kids are reading and I also got information on how much a school trip to the US next year will apparently cost.

All in all I had a ball and can't wait to do it all again soon.

These times are so precious.