IT'S a strange but usual sight for Gladstone golf course patrons when they spot these paw pals making their way around the course.

Every afternoon at around 4pm you can find a large shaggy dog, Jack, and domestic long haired cat Zoe having a friendly stroll.

The owner of these best pals is Kevin Parry and he said they had never had an issue or a blue.

He said Jack was an English sheep dog cross border collie.

"He's nearly three now and we've had him since he was six months."

And when the lead comes rattling out, this pooch couldn't be prouder.

Kevin said he and his pets lived close to the golf course.

Kevin has always walked Jack every afternoon.

"He loves going through the bushes, but unfortunately he never finds me any golf balls," he laughed.

As they walked, Zoe would escape and follow them.

"I was a little worried about her at first because I was told she was an indoor cat.

"She's a very friendly cat."

Three years ago, after he and wife Irene moved to Gladstone from Sydney, they rescued Zoe from the Gladstone pound.

They bought Jack at around the same time.

He said they had cats and dogs before but none shared the special bond of Jack and Zoe.

Kevin said the bar attendants and golf course staff were familiar with his pets, including bar attendant Sherri Watson.

"All the patrons absolutely love it, they think it's classic," she said.

And she said it took those who weren't already aware of Zoe and Jack's daily walk a little by surprise.

"It's usually a bit of a double take," Sherri said.

"They look once and have to look again to double check what they saw."