Families enjoy a tour of Boyne Smelters

Boyne Smelters Limited has opened its gates to staff and their families with 600 people taking up the unique opportunity to explore the site.

They enjoyed guided walking tours of the operational areas including the carbon bake furnace, reduction lines, casting facilities and services facilities.

Employee Nestaleen Mhuka said: "My family did not realise how large BSL was, site wise and business capacity as well. They were keen to learn all they could and were fascinated with the process. They thought I had a boring job but have now realised how interesting it is."

Nyasha Mhuka
Nyasha Mhuka

Site general manager Joe Rea said it was important to take families through the site to show the contribution made by their loved ones to the national economy and the regional community.

"Every time mum or dad starts their shift here at BSL, they're doing their bit for the future generations of Queenslanders," he said.

"We have a long-term vision to remain proudly Australian, operating beyond 2030. Our workforce is adding value to Australia's natural resources and strengthening the manufacturing future of young Australians.
"This open day gives partners and children an opportunity to share the pride we have in our workplace and the contribution we make to advance the future of Australian manufacturing," he said.

River and Adam Thetford
River and Adam Thetford Dallas Braithwaite

BSL employs around 1,000 people and indirectly supports about 6,700 jobs nationally with 3,000 of these jobs in the Gladstone region. The smelter contributes more than $1.4 billion annually to Australia's Gross Domestic Product with more than half of the economic benefit of the smelter going to the Gladstone region.