YOU SAY: Credit card surcharges don't seem fair

IT'S an everyday niggle that upsets many people.

It could also be called a bit of a rort that is allowed by regulation, and it's grabbing millions of dollars from unsuspecting customers - until they get to the cash register.

Credit-card charges have been around for quite some time now and now our Federal Government has decided to take a long look at the practice.

Airlines, hotels, telcos, ticketing outlets and even local councils are all on the game - and it's not as if they are charging the same fee charged to them by the banks. More often than not the charges we, members of the buying public, are paying are far greater.

Which means the businesses are making an extra profit - and often you don't find out until you get to the counter.

One needs to ask why these folk believe it is their right to do what is basically double-dipping and fleece us with hefty fees, over and above their costs.

There's no way your local supermarket or service station would sting you with a surcharge for using your credit card, so why to we accept it from other businesses?

How is it that we allow the airlines to slug us each time we make an online booking, and we just accept it?

All of a sudden that really cool price we found on a flight to Brisbane became just a little more expensive. Not fair, our pollsters say.

The sooner the government applies some regulations around credit card surcharges to sooner all consumers will be better off.

Most people are happy to pay the price marked in the store, but the greater majority start to get miffed when they get to the counter, loaded up with their purchases, only to be told that they will cop that dreaded surcharge.


Moira Blee: I don't think it's fair when I have to book things online and I can't use cash. So they force you to use a credit card and then they charge you without giving you any other option. 

Bob Schmidt: I've never had a credit card and never will. I'd prefer to spend the money I have. I've always believed in saving up my own money if I wanted something. 

Jackie Meyer: I've had a credit card for a long time and I think the charges are wrong. It's unfair because they already charge high interest rates. 

Dianne Petrinech: I think it stinks. What the companies are charging doesn't compare with the actual costs of processing it. 

Scott Taylor: I don't have a credit card anymore. It costs too much and the charges are always high. It's just as easy to use a debit card these days and spend your own money.