Tony Abbott... under siege from Fairfax and ABC?
Tony Abbott... under siege from Fairfax and ABC? Peter Holt

Fairfax and ABC accused of plot to take down Abbott

IMMIGRATON Minister Peter Dutton has accused Fairfax and the ABC of trying to topple Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Coalition Government.

Mr Dutton said there was a "huge move by Fairfax at the moment to try and bring the Government down".

"I think regardless of what Tony Abbott does, Fairfax will say it's bad," he told the ABC's AM program.

Mr Dutton accused some journalists of over-stepping their responsibilities, adding Fairfax was "being helped by the ABC".

"They aren't supposed to be political players, they're supposed to be objective reporters of the news and I think many of them have morphed into frustrated politicians," he said.

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Mr Dutton's attack on Fairfax echoes complaints about News Limited's political coverage from Julia Gillard when she was prime minister.

Then communications minister Stephen Conroy once accused the Rupert Murdoch-owned stable of trying to bring about "regime change".

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What you're saying on Facebook:

Sans Lowe: "ABC and Fairfax spend 50% attacking Abbott and 50% promoting Shorten."

David John Linwood: "Does he also say that the Murdoch media empire is doing its utmost to prop him up? Probably not."

Chris Greenfield: "ABC and Fairfax are riddled with bias to the left. God help us if Labor win the next election. The unfortunate part about today is everything has to be "at the moment" which distracts pollies from getting on with the job. Take the ridiculous unions beating up on Dyson, what a joke; the bloke's not bias."

Wes Davidson: "They don't need any help from the ABC or fairfax! They will do that all by themselves."

Vanessa Lisa: "And the News Ltd/Murdoch press are keen supporters! I don't see a problem, but I'm sick of the attacks on the ABC- its a pathetic and indulgent waste of time and money and in my opinion, the equivalent of a grown up tantrum. The ABC did a brilliant docco last year on the Nationals that was complimentary and recently, with the killing season, showed the ugly side of the recent labor splits and divisions- I don't call that bias."

Richard Morrow: "The Abbott Gov't doesn't require any help to topple they are doing a pretty good job by themselves Dutton is helping."

Damien Freeman: "Just doing their jobs.This government provides daily material.Morally,ethically and economically bankrupt."

Kerry Kleidon: "Yes I agree, but the media did a good job on the previous government as well."