SATIRE: Social media has its positives, it seems.
SATIRE: Social media has its positives, it seems. sanjeri

Facebook page for 'Byron Bay whingers' goes viral

WERE you just annoyed by the Krishnas dancing and singing while you walked down the street?

Did the smell of patchouli in town trigger an asthma attack on your aunty?

Do you have a 'friendly' hippie ex-partner who keeps rubbing coconut oil on your kids for no reason?

There is now a place online for those who want to vent against counter-culture (is it called counter-counter-culture?) and locals are flocking to the page on Facebook like bees to organically-permacultivated flowers.

The page is called Byron Shire Whingers Community and it's a place where satire and humour meet Byron Bay culture.

The posts are coming fast and furious, many of them poking fun to indiscriminate consumption of kale, turmeric, quinoa, chai and the totalitarian dislike of gluten, meat, carbs, dairy, water, air, vaccines and tap water (unless it's lemon water).

The public group already has more than 600 members, despite only being created in early August.

Administrator Zac Lovett posted a welcome post to all members to set the comedic tone of the page saying "only whinging will be accepted. Any form of positive or appreciative commenting will be see the user deleted", he said.

"Any person that backs up their comment with actual research or facts will be deleted.

"It is appreciated if you can include references to pot holes in any comment made, it's a very important part of the group's ethos.

"Council slander is encouraged. Especially if you don't actually understand how council operate, the challenges that they face and you don't personally want to contribute to solutions in a meaningful way."

The group has an uncanny resemblance to another public group, the 23,000-strong Byron Bay Community Board.

The group regularly discusses the issues affecting Byron Bay, which has a population of around 9,000 people, while Byron Shire boasts a population of around 31,000.