Facebook personality Dave Acton.
Facebook personality Dave Acton. Brenda Strong

Have a coffee with... Facebook identity Dave Acton

WE have a coffee with some of Gladstone's well known faces.

Name: Dave Acton
Occupation: Facebook identity, online troll.
Years lived in Gladstone: 24.

I RECEIVED my first computer at 10 years of age. I won't reveal what website I visited first, but the second was chatroom Social Connect.

I don't use a mobile phone. I have one, but it's always turned off in my bag.

My latest Facebook social page, Dave Acton's Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, was shut down because of inappropriate content.

It usually involves middle aged, stay at home mums starting fights with each other online and then reporting content on the page. 

When you Google my name you'll find a world champion scrabble player.

You could ask me what parts of my life I don't want to end up on Facebook, but to be honest, it's probably already there.

The best way to navigate through the Nightowl car park is to travel in a very small car. And when I leave the Nightowl car park I turn left or right. I'm sure that you always used to be able to turn both ways. 

Robert Downey Jr would play me in the movie about my life. And my date to the Grammy Awards would be my dream girl Emma Watson.

When I was young my dream was to be a private investigator.

My first order of business as newly-elected PM would involve pushing for marriage equality. And abolishing all forms of organised religion. 

I don't have a guilty pleasure. I enjoy everything that I do. #YOLO (You only live once).

You can visit Dave Acton's latest social media page via Reddit.