Facebook group aims to make kindness go viral

A TOOWOOMBA Facebook group is hoping to inject some kindness into the community by chronicling good deeds and nice acts happening around town.

The Toowoomba Kindness Pandemic Facebook group, started from a national group with a similar name, launched on Thursday night and has already amassed more than 500 members keen to spread the love.

The group's about section touches on its mission, to "inspire, lift others and create a positive ripple of energy everywhere around us". 

Still in its early days, the group has already documented numerous acts of kindness.

Two residents awoke to find boxes of fresh food on their doorsteps, one left by a stranger the other a friend of the family's.

Toowoomba woman Teela Strang has been using her excess spare time for good, cooking for Toowoomba nurses and their families as they continue to work long shifts at the hospital.

"So I over cooked cooking us and a beautiful nurses family some meals - do you know a service person or someone who might be in need?" she said in the group.

"I've got 6 or 7 extra containers of food I would like to give away."

Having returned to Toowoomba from New Zealand last week, Elizabeth Browne and her family are in isolation.

"Our beautiful neighbour called out over the fence dropping over treats for our dog and her number if we need any milk or supplies," she said in her post.

 "Thank you to everyone reaching out to (those) in need next door."

On Friday, Tj Linde went to the drive thru Zarrafas in Toowoomba and found someone ahead in line had paid for her coffee.

"I just wanted to offer a big thank you to the car in front of me in drive thru for paying for my coffee - with everything going on at the moment, this really made my morning," she said in a post.

Have you had something nice happen to you lately or would you like to keep up with the good news?

Find the Facebook group here.