Daniel Ricciardo's Renault was built in time for the test despite some initial worries.
Daniel Ricciardo's Renault was built in time for the test despite some initial worries.

Ricciardo calms Renault panic after snag

Daniel Ricciardo has completed his first laps as a Renault Formula 1 driver after his new RS19 was completed in time for its planned filming day in Barcelona.

There was mild panic that the car would not be ready in time after Renault left it late to build the RS19 and would therefore have to forfeit their filming day at the Circuit de Catalunya.

So late was it left that at the team's launch event on Wednesday morning, it was last year's RS18 which was unveiled in brand new livery with team principal Cyril Abiteboul saying he was "100 per cent sure of nothing" in terms of how ready his ream would be for the new season.

However, those fears were allayed after Ricciardo managed to complete a total of 21 laps in the RS19 over the weekend, bringing the car just 2km shy of the 100km limit permitted on a filming day, of which they are allowed two of outside the scheduled pre-season and in-season tests.

"I'm happy to get a first taste of in the R.S.19 today in Barcelona and I'm looking forward to pushing on and learning more with the team over the next couple of weeks," Ricciardo said.



Mercedes, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari have all completed a filming day already this year while Williams had to cancel their scheduled one over the weekend after falling behind schedule on the new car build. They will also miss the first day of testing on Tuesday morning (AEDT) as a result.

When speaking to FoxSports.com.au after the launch of the new RS19, Ricciardo was optimistic about the noises coming out about the new engine Renault had produced, given all of the problems he encountered with it last year while on his way to suffering eight retirements.

"It's certainly what you want to hear," he said. "The winter is such a crucial time and I guess it's all you can really hope for from my point of view because I'm definitely not intelligent enough to develop an engine so all we can do is wait and hope for good news and so far it has been positive.

"They've had a strong winter, they've made improvements - they're not saying the improvements will put us on a Mercedes level or anything, but it's a step in the right direction.

"It's a good place to start and that's all we can ask for now. We may get on track and it be a different story because cars can be strange but up until this moment now, it's positive."