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‘F--k me!’: Warwick dad’s explosive court outburst

IN AN angry outburst before the court, a Warwick man has claimed he only risked charges as a "desperate measure" to make allegations against the police.

Paul Earl Tipler appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court this week, pleading not guilty to seven charges relating to an alleged physical altercation with police in May.

These include two charges of committing a public nuisance and one each of assaulting and obstructing a police officer, speeding, unlicensed driving, and failing to stop when requested by police.

During this week's proceedings, Mr Tipler told the court he deliberately covered up a speed camera to earn a date with the Warwick magistrate.

"I covered a speed camera, I didn't speed, I covered a speed camera to come in front of you and tell you what (the police have) been doing to me for seven years," Mr Tipler claimed.

"What can I do about the police stalking me? I've got 13 occasions with the exact times and dates of police trying to harass me.

"Now I'm here in front of you on how many charges, with them harassing me because I'm making the complaints."

Police prosecutor Steve de Lissa did not respond directly to the claims, only giving the man the paperwork to challenge a speed camera reading and confirm his next court date.

Magistrate Julian Noud appeared eager to defuse the situation, refusing to engage with the man's allegations against Warwick police.

"Mr Tipler, if you've got a complaint to make about the police, that's not something I can do," Mr Noud said.

"The court doesn't get involved with things like that, so I can't help you with it today Mr Tipler, I'm sorry."

This response only seemed to anger the Warwick man, who chastised his wife for not illegally recording the exchange from the back of the courtroom before storming out.

"Desperate men end up doing desperate things Your Honour, and that's what youse (sic) are forcing me into doing," he yelled.

"Desperate men, desperate things, and remember - when I die, youse are all getting investigated.

"Understand that, because if I go into custody again … f--- me! F---!"

No further action was taken during the proceeding.

Mr Tipler's matter will next be before Warwick Magistrates Court on December 7.