Generic image Photo Paul Braven / The Observer
Generic image Photo Paul Braven / The Observer

Eye-watering cost of compensation for broken pokies machine

How much is a pokies machine worth?

That's what the Gladstone Magistrates Court had to figure out on May 25 after an unemployed man suffering from a chronic illness broke one of them while he was drunk.

The venue was seeking restitution from Nathan Stephern Hazard, 27, but no quote was provided to the court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Tania Griffiths estimated it would be worth about $2000.

The court heard the business was out of pocket not only for the broken machine but also the revenue it didn't generate while it was down, which was estimated to be about $3000.

Sergeant Griffiths contacted the venue and told the court it would be worth about $10,000 for a replacement.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey was shocked to hear that amount.

Duty lawyer Bianca Wieland said those losses sounded like a civil claim matter.

"That is an extremely high amount," she said.

After a short adjournment, a final figure of $2280 in restitution was agreed upon.

Hazard was ordered to pay that $2280 in restitution after pleading guilty to one count of wilful damage.

He was also given a $800 good behaviour bond, but the conviction wasn't recorded.

"He shouldn't be playing the friggin' pokies machine in the first place," Magistrate Manthey said.