Mack Horton refused to share the podium with Sun Yang. Picture: Ed Jones/AFP
Mack Horton refused to share the podium with Sun Yang. Picture: Ed Jones/AFP

Extreme measures: Doping panel’s Yang findings

THIS is the explosive confidential FINA Doping Panel report on Sun Yang that sparked Mack Horton's podium protest at the World Championships in South Korea.

Horton's deliberate snub during the medal presentation that has the world's swimming community in meltdown over FINA's response to Sun involvement in smashing his blood vials during an out-of-competition drug test last year.

The report obtained by The Sunday Telegraph details how Sun egged on by his mother, and a security guard used a hammer to smash vials of blood collected from him for drug testing, according to the findings in an explosive report.


The confidential 59-page report revealed full details of findings made by international governing body FINA about the extraordinary actions of the triple Olympic gold medallist and his entourage's in China and raises serious questions as to why Sun was let off on a minor technicality.


Sun had agreed to a window of between 10pm and 11pm on September 4 last year at his athlete's villa in Zhejiang Province for independent drug testers from International Doping Tests and Management, contracted by FINA, to collect out-of-competition blood and urine samples to test for performance enhancing substances.

But was he not there when the doping control officer (DCO) and the doping control assistant (DCA) arrived.

Sun eventually arrived with several family members, including his mother Ming Yang. The report states he started claiming the assistant was not authorised to conduct the testing and insisted he leave the doping control station.

Sun finally provided a blood sample at 11.35pm but refused to provide a urine sample, again insisting the DCA was not authorised.

While both parties were in dispute over providing a urine sample, Sun's personal doctor Ba Zhen arrived at 1am.

Tensions quickly escalated when he insisted both the DCO and her assistant were not properly accredited and refused them permission to take any of Sun's blood samples away for testing.

The report states Sun and Dr Ba then "proposed that the secure blood container be broken with a hammer to access the blood vial and thus destroy the integrity of the blood samples that had been taken".

While on the phone to testing co-ordinator Tudor Popa, the report states the DCO "heard the sound of glass breaking", going outside to find Sun and a guard using a hammer to break the vials - "the athlete was beside the guard using his phone as a flashlight".

She was asked by Sun and his team to destroy the second blood container "which she adamantly refused to do".

At 3.15am, the report states Sun's mother collected all the "used and unused materials from the testing session, including damaged and used blood tubes, needles and the shredded doping control form and left the clubhouse".