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'Extraordinary': 'Two light beers' push woman over limit

A GLADSTONE woman was on the home stretch, with her sights set on the driveway when police intercepted her for a roadside breath test.

Elizabeth Fenton pleaded guilty to one charge of drink driving at the Gladstone Magistrates Court today.

Police prosecutor Acting Senior Constable Balan Selvaderai said that the defendant was intercepted by police for a roadside breath test at Franklin Ct, New Auckland at 10.25pm on October 11.


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Fenton was charged with drink driving over general alcohol limit but not over the middle alcohol limit after returning a  blood-alcohol content reading of .058.

Act Snr Const Selvaderai said Fenton told police she had consumed two light beers prior to the breath test - the last of which was drunk 20 minutes before the interception.

Fenton told Magistrate Melanie Ho she had "no traffic history at all, your honour".

"...Which is extraordinary ... Well done to you," Ms Ho said.

Ms Ho expressed how unfortunate the incident was based on the lack of previous traffic offences and said she took into account it was "just a slight overreading".

When Ms Ho delivered the sentence, she asked the defendant if she was "caught just outside her home" on Franklin St.
Fenton said that was correct.

"Leaving or coming in?", Ms Ho asked.

"Coming in," Fenton said.

Ms Ho said she accepted the incident occurred due to a miscalculation on Fenton's part and imposed a $350 fine.

"I apologise that this happened your honour," Fenton said, to which Ms Ho assured her "it's OK".

"With your history ... Trust me, it's just a traffic offence," Ms Ho said.

Fenton handed over her license and was disqualified from driving for one month.

A conviction was recorded.