TOO LONG: Toolooa resident Greg Brown lives next to a 14-house development, which has taken longer than expected.
TOO LONG: Toolooa resident Greg Brown lives next to a 14-house development, which has taken longer than expected. Brenda Strong GLAWORK

Extended job irks residents who point finger at council

A SIMPLE subdivision with a scope of about 20 weeks has blown out to nearly a year, causing headaches for the developer and local residents.

A multitude of factors have influenced Gold Coast based iLiv Developments' project time frame including council red tape, delays with suppliers, sub-contractors and wet weather.

"There have been 90 wet days or days unable to work due to wet conditions, since stage 2 commenced at the end of January," a developer spokesman said.

"And the diversion of a major stormwater line through the site, that proved difficult due to the ongoing rainfall."

Some Toolooa residents are fed up with the project, which began in September last year.

"I'm a shift worker - we work 24/7 on the wharves," Greg Brown said.

"I come home and they wake me up with the excavators going. If they had come and done the job and went (that would be all right), but it's just dragged on and on."

The site's excavation contractor said they finished up three weeks ago and the extended timeline for the 14-house development was typical.

"Stage one was completed before Christmas," he said.

"Stage two, due to wet weather, we just had major issues."

The site just needs asphalt to be laid to be complete but smaller scale projects in the region are often overlooked for larger contracts.

"Stage 2 is now almost complete and is now awaiting asphalt, which we are told cannot be provided by the local supplier until early September," the developer spokesman said.

There is one house built in the development but it's unclear when more will go up with the drop in Gladstone's housing market.

Residents have also pointed the finger at the council for failing to oversee developments more stringently.

"We're at the end of it, but I think the council can intervene a little bit better than they have been. We got no support from them at all," resident Paul Jones said.

Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett said development permits legislate work hours, dust control, noise and general safety but not timelines. "The resident may contact council and register a complaint," he said.


  • Excavation was meant to take 20 weeks (weather permitting) from September 2012.
  • Developer permits have no timeline conditions.