Goverment rules out uranium exports over Great Barrier Reef

EXPORTING Queensland's uranium is a priority for the state government, but the radioactive material is unlikely to leave Australian shores via the Great Barrier Reef.

In an "action plan" released on Thursday, the State Government has ruled that any uranium pulled from Queensland provinces can only be exported from Adelaide or Darwin.

Uranium mining was banned in the late 1980s in Queensland, although exploration continued.

In October 2012, the newly-elected LNP government began investigating ways to resurrect the industry in an effort to boost the kickstart the economy.

The government has again ruled out allowing nuclear power plants or the disposal of radioactive waste in Queensland.

And like all major resources projects, the state is pushing to gain control over approvals - but environmental activists are concerned.

Australian Conservation Foundation Dave Sweeney said such state powers conflicted with comments by the incoming Federal Government that it would retain its hold over uranium projects.

"Uranium mining is an issue of national interest and importance and is rightly a matter for the active consideration of the national government," Mr Sweeney said.

Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said the government would begin considering projects by mid-2014.

From there, demand from industry would determine when mining began.