Jade Winston encouraged her ex-boyfriend to rob a student.
Jade Winston encouraged her ex-boyfriend to rob a student.

Exes face court over robbery with cane knife

An armed robber who swung a cane knife at a student has received a jail sentence alongside his ex-girlfriend who coaxed him.

Kerrin Machin and Jade Winston, both 35, were sentenced on Monday for the robbery of a student who thought he was Winston's friend.

Maroochydore District Court heard Winston had met the victim, who was in Australia on a student visa, at a shopping centre.

She had offered to supply the man with up to 2g of methamphetamine on five occasions, during two weeks in August 2018.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook said Winston then asked the man to drive her and her daughter to Machin's Sunshine Coast home on August 23 to collect some of her belongings.

She had previously been in a relationship with Machin.

Winston, from Durack, told the victim to stop at Beerwah and she began messaging Machin.

"Babe the c--- I am here with won't take me to your house babe," she said in a text.

"You can bash the c--- for me.

"(Because) now I'm crying and want to be there with you."

Machin said he was on his way and Winston sent him a screenshot of a map.

Mr Cook said Machin was aggressively waving a large knife as he approached the victim.

"Give me your money and stay away from the girl," Machin told him.

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He then used his knife to hit a window of the man's car.

"He swung the knife towards the upper body of the complainant and the complainant had to back away to avoid that," Mr Cook said.

"Mr Machin also later told police that he said to the complainant 'back off or I'll cut your head off' and he himself said he swung the machete to scare the complainant."

Machin removed the victim's keys from the ignition while Winston yelled for him to take the victim's money.

Machin fled with the victim's phone and threw his keys.

"Leaving the complainant stranded at the scene," Mr Cook said.

"The complainant couldn't find his keys and spent the night there."

Mr Cook said Machin was encouraged and under the impression his ex-girlfriend was in trouble.

Winston later told police she had dyslexia and some of the messages didn't come across as she intended because her phone had a predictive text feature.

Jade Winston encouraged her ex-boyfriend to rob a student.
Jade Winston encouraged her ex-boyfriend to rob a student.

"It's a bit hard to see how 'You can bash the c--- for me' is the result of predictive text or misunderstanding of the words being used," Judge Glen Cash said.

Winston on Monday pleaded guilty to five counts of supplying a dangerous drug, one count of armed robbery and three summary offences.

Machin spent 102 days in pre-sentence custody before pleading guilty to one count of armed robbery and four summary offences.

The court heard he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was acting out of his commitment to Ms Winston.

He had a 17-year-old son he only found out about a few months before the armed robbery, and was supported in court by his parents.

Defence barrister Nicholas Brown said Ms Winston was a mum-of-four and her eldest, now 18, cared for her.

He said she was using a wheelchair while she was sentenced because of nerve damage, possibly caused by having four epidurals.

Mr Brown said Winston suffered anxiety and depression and was diagnosed with bipolar.

"Importantly, she was obviously involved in illicit substances around the time of this offending which has disastrous effects for anyone but certainly someone with her mental health problems," he said.

The court heard Winston was now properly medicated and engaged to a new man.

Judge Glen Cash said the violence involved in the robbery meant jail was not a last resort.

He sentenced Winston and Machin to 18 months in jail.

Winston was released immediately on parole while Machin was given a parole release date of December 14.