Daughter of music royalty's exclusive chat with the Bully

GEORGETTE Jones, the daughter of music royalty once was given the opportunity to tour Australia with her famous mother, Tammy Wynette.

In 1992, the First Lady of Country Music had planned a nationwide tour of Australia, coming off the heels of her number one single Justified and Ancient (a collaboration with British funk group, The KLF).

It would be a massive tour schedule which took the country superstar to Central Queensland, where she'd perform two shows at Rockhampton's Pilbeam Theatre and also visit regional centres along the Queensland coast including Mackay and Bundaberg.

The Stand by Your Man hit-maker had asked her daughter, Georgette to accompany her on the tour, to perform backup vocals.

It was a trip across the world the superstar's daughter to country music legend George Jones, then a young mother, wouldn't hesitate to take up.

Tammy Wynette, left, sings with George Jones in Nashville. (AP Photo/The Tennessean)
Tammy Wynette, left, sings with George Jones in Nashville. (AP Photo/The Tennessean)

However, she had prior given birth to twin boys and was not quite prepared for this particular commitment.

"I saw some pictures of Australia, and thought how lovely the country was," she said.

Almost three decades later, and Georgette Jones is multiple albums into a successful music career in her own right.

Her latest effort, Skin was released last year to critical acclaim and sees the artist tackle meaningful and heartfelt topics.

A mix of contemporary-style music, traditional country and rock, it has something for every listener.

Country singer Tammy Wynette in 1991.
Country singer Tammy Wynette in 1991.

"It marked the first time I had full control of one my records," she said.

And the concept behind the title track was to be happy with the skin you live in, and to carry this mindset across to fellow human beings - to not judge a book by its cover.

This philosophy was one point she raised when talking about the recent Black Lives Matter movement, and hoped her positive lyrics could uplift people across the world to diminish hate in every corner.

Once the COVID-19 travel restrictions cease, there is a possibility we could see the talented artist tour down under for the first time to promote her latest batch of musical offerings.

"Most of my friends have taken a big hit, no one has work and probably won't until 2021," she said.

It's been quite different for the music superstar after having toured with her parents from a young age, and having recorded music from 10 years old.

"They (her mum and dad) travelled a lot, lived amazing experiences, they'd perform 200 shows in a year," she said.

Georgette Jones' latest album, Skin is available now on iTunes and Spotify.