Thomas Little and Kyle Reid are looking forward to the 2018 Lowmean three car challenge.
Thomas Little and Kyle Reid are looking forward to the 2018 Lowmean three car challenge. Matt Taylor GLA031118MEAD

WATCH: Event to attract drivers from north and south

MOTORSPORT: The rush of adrenalin will be in full flow for Kyle Reid in the Lowmead 3 car Challenge which starts tomorrow night and continues throughout the weekend.

And if the heat and humidity build up to a very unlikely afternoon and evening thunderstorm - it's the more muddier the better.

But there was a time when Reid felt at ease in this unique form of motorsport which involves tactics, nous, horse-power grunt and judgment.

"I used to get nervous a lot at first, but now it's all adrenalin," he said as he has prepared to test out his truck called Wobbly Boot.

"I hated it to start with, but it's grown on me," Reid said of the nickname of his GQ Nissan Patrol.

The format consists of 16 teams of three winch trucks and 10 stages of extreme action and racing is to start tomorrow at 6.30pm. Reid said he is as best-prepared as can be.

"It's been good so far and went out for a test run a couple of weeks ago," he said.

Drivers will also have the chance to test out the track with a few 'shake-down' laps tomorrow afternoon prior to a drivers' brief at 6pm. Reid said he has no expectations this weekend.

"I will just take it stage-by-stage pretty much and it will be nice just to be consistent," he said.

"The muddier, the better as well and I'm happy with this format."

Event organiser Anthony Dow said drivers have left from Townsville yesterday morning and teams from Mackay and Brisbane have arrived today.

And they will also come from Blackwater, Rockhampton, Boyne-Tannum, Benaraby, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay Maryborough and Gympie.

It's not too late to join in the exciting weekend - for those who want to put their 4WDs to the limit.

"All the local teams will come in tomorrow and we are still taking teams too," Dow said.

"Racing starts again at 730am on Saturday until 11pm with five day Stages and two night stages.

"We than start again at 8am Sunday with two stages and wrap racing up around noon and presentations 1pm to give all competitors a chance to hit the road and head home."

Dow also said some spectators have already set up camp at the best vantage points and what is the biggest 4WD competition on the East Coast.

There will be 16 teams, 48 competition 4WD winch trucks and 96 competitors in action on the weekend.

"If you haven't seen these 4WD vehicles race, then you really don't know what a 4WD can do," he said.


Lowmead 3 Car Challenge

Where: Clarkey's Petrolhead Paradise, 604 Clarkes Rd, Lowmead

Racing starts: 6.30pm tmw and across Sat-Sun

Tmw: $50pp weekend pass; Sat - $40 pp weekend pass; Sat - $15 pp and U16 free

Cash only, food, ice, drinks, showers available