The Archer's elevated home is a sight to see in Riverstone Rise.
The Archer's elevated home is a sight to see in Riverstone Rise. Photo Contributed

Riverstone Rise helps family build their perfect home

BUILDING your own home from scratch comes with incredible satisfaction, and couple Jason and Tanya Archer know this feeling all too well.

The pair, who are originally from Brisbane, decided to move to Gladstone in January 2013 to start their new chapter in Riverstone Rise.

Jason, who is a carpenter for Vision Realty, does a lot of work for the estate and fell in love with the area, leading him and his wife to purchase a block of land on Corimba Pde, Boyne Island.

"Originally, we liked the Boyne/Tannum feel, the beachy area," Mr Archer said. "We liked how there's all families there (at Riverstone Rise) and it's just far enough out of Gladstone but at the same time close enough.

"The main thing was that we just loved the estate and when we saw the 10-year Riverstone master-plan, we wanted to be a part of it."

The Archers have been living in their modern, highset home since before Christmas after kicking off the building process in June.

"We got an owner-builder permit and I built the whole thing. We got people in to help from Devine and it was a big incentive in that it helped us out with all the trades.

The Archers decided to use floorboards instead of porcelain tiles.

"It's got four bedrooms, with three kids' bedrooms downstairs, a study, a child's retreat with its own outdoor area, and two bathrooms. It didn't look that big on the plan but it grew!"

The home also boasts a lovely garden with levels of steps made of stones in the frontyard.

The land is 1600 sq m and the house is 350 sq m. The house is worth about $650,000-$700,000 and is the ultimate package.

"It's come up better than what we expected. The colour choosing was hard but in the end they all clashed well.

"We've kept the top area and levelled it for our caravans and boats."

The home overlooks hills and attracts a nice breeze.

Mr Archer said the estate was "probably the greenest in Gladstone", with plenty of lush parks and trees making Riverstone Rise a comfortable environment.

"We are here for the long run," Mr Archer said. "We just love the house."